Seats 10
Bagagge Capacity 90 cca/li
Speed 860 KM/H
Range 3.852 KM
Interior Width 1,7 m
Interior Height 1,65 m

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Turboprop engines also called propeller aircraft, are one of the most economical choices of aircraft for short and mid-range travels. The turboprop engine can journey at a speed of 300 knots and a constant range of about 1,500 miles for an average flight span of roughly 3 hours. It is best for operation in regional airports with short runways.

Light Jet

Light Jets are the best choice for short to mid-range trips around the cities. It travels at a speed of 400 knots and a constant range of about 1700 miles. Compared to the Turboprop aircraft, the light Jet travels further and faster whilst a high level of efficiency is maintained.

Midsize Jet

Midsize Jets are well known for their use in the category of private jets. It is the most economical option for flights up to 4 hours carrying about 8 passengers.

Super Midsize Jet

Super Midsize Jets aircraft are known for their size, comfort, and performance. It is the best option for medium to long-range flights carrying up to 8 passengers.

Heavy Jet

Heavy Jets are jets with cabin seats that occupy up to 13 passengers. They are long-range jets and are most times converted VIP airliners.


Airliners are most used for private charter. It eliminates the hassle of transporting clients and workers through terminals of public airports.

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